How to win in the game of aviator in the casino?

Reading the reviews, you'll easily understand the main advice of experienced players - better a bird in the hand than a crane in the sky. The desire to bet as much as possible in the first games and catch big X's usually leads to disappointment, and novices no longer play this promising slot machine. Try to moderate your greed and you can make some real money, which is exactly the approach we'll talk about now.

As with all casino games, you should choose your terms and limits on land, that is, even before the game. This will help to approach the strategy rationally and not to spend everything in the first hour of the game. Determine the minimum bet. The smallest possible amount is 5 rubles, a step equals 5 rubles, and the maximum is 7000 rubles. However, the game offers to make two bets per game at once. Is it profitable? The secret is that playing one and two bets requires different approaches.

How to play aviator with one bet

If you are a beginner, we advise you to start with one bet. The advantage of this game is that you keep your eye on one process so important details don't slip from your attention.

The first step is to choose the deposit balance from which you will start playing. Stick to simple math: Your bank should be enough for 200 bets. If not, you should have at least a hundred. Thus, if you are willing to spend 500 rubles, you will play for 5 rubles per game. If you have 10000 rubles on your account, you should bet 50-100 rubles.

No matter what you do, don't go beyond the maximum you set, wishing to win back. Never gamble for debt. These are the most basic safety rules that apply to all games. That way the hobby will bring joy, not bitterness of disappointment and problems in life.

So you've determined the pot and the stakes for individual games. Then choose one of the three basic strategies:

Lowest Risk

This format might sound boring to some people, but it gives you the best chance of not losing and playing for a long time. You have to withdraw the amount when the multiplier reaches x1.20-1.21. For convenience you can run the auto game with the installed cashout and just watch the process.

Gradually such a strategy leads to a higher balance. Even if it's not a big score, it's a win. Once you've built up your capital you can try other strategies and increase your win rate, and after a string of losses you can go back to gambling more carefully.

Moderate Risk

In order to follow that strategy you must have a large amount in your account in order to be able to lose repeatedly. You increase the cashout withdrawal to a ratio of x2-x3. On average, the success rate in this case is 40-42%, which is quite good. When playing for a long time, you can sometimes try big odds and take risks. That way you will not only stay in the black, but you can also make a decent profit.

High Risk

The riskiest game for fans to bet on zeros. According to statistics, x100 odds fall once every hour to an hour and a half. Reports of such high odds go straight to general chat. Wait an hour after the last report of a big score, and place your big bets!

How to play two-bet aviator

In principle, two-bet strategies are similar to the aforementioned game variants. A strategy is considered optimal when you place the first bet on autocash with the lowest risk scheme, i.e., at odds x1.20-1.21, and play the second bet with a moderate risk system. The average loss with such a strategy decreases, but it requires more attention from the player to the process.

If there is a desire to take a risk, wait until the machine "heats up". As in the first case, you need to wait for an hour after the game will happen a major skid. After that, set the autocash to x40 and x100. This will allow you to wait for the right odds without spending the whole pot at once.


Remember that no scheme gives you an absolute guarantee of winning. Casino is a game of chance; it cannot be considered a guaranteed profit. Try your own strategies, try your hand at roulette with the Pyramid or the Umbrella, take a risk, or pass, as long as you make the game fun. Share your results online and in the chat room and improve your skills with other players.

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