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Aviator is a bright and dynamic online cash game that gives you the opportunity to earn, and the more you bet, the bigger the possible skid. The max skid is x200. This means that if you make a bet of 1$, you have a chance to win 200$ in a single game.

Aviator is an official slot machine created using the latest gaming technology in the world of gambling. Just a few clicks can bring winnings. The payout system is transparent and the generation of random numbers is protected from outside interference. The results depend only on your luck.

Entertainment is very gambling, remember the most important rule: if you do not withdraw before the second when the plane stops flying, the money bet will be burned. Take your chances and win.

In 2020, the project has beaten the popularity tops in many online platforms. Try this addictive game too.

Aviator Rules

Try to be the cool pilot who does the tricks. The outcome depends on the altitude the plane reaches on the screen. The higher the plane is, the higher the payout ratio.

You set the amount you play for and the plane starts gaining altitude, increasing your winnings. At some point, the plane will stop, at which point your amount will be burned. If you're lucky and you hit "cash out" earlier, your account will be refilled.

What will you choose - risk and greed in an attempt to catch the biggest score or a careful strategy with a x2 to x3 withdrawal? It's up to you, both styles are fun to play.

What's important to know

  • The "take-off" of the plane starts at x1 and increases as it takes off
  • The winnings are calculated with a simple calculation: your sum multiplied by the odds you see on the screen the moment you press
  • The odds at which the plane will stop flying are generated for each game separately, it is impossible to foresee or calculate this. The result depends on a complex program hidden from the influence of the casino. Even the owner of the club will not be able to influence your winnings

Algorithm Aviator Spride

The rules are very simple. You set the bet size before you start. Automatically the plane starts, and as you gain altitude, your skid grows. At a random moment, determined by the random number generator, the growth of your winnings stops. Who did not have time to withdraw loses and stays without money.

Worth telling separately about the competent system of rendering. The aviator is based on Provably FAIR technology. Every multiplier is generated thanks to the participants. It is an open system - you can see for yourself in the rules what the result depends on.

Features - how to play Aviator

Bet and Cashout

  • You set the amount you wish to play, then you click "Bet" to secure the amount
  • You can place two bets at once. To set the second amount, click on the "plus" symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. A form opens for you to enter the second amount
  • The game begins. When you decide you're ready to withdraw your winnings, press the "cashout" button without delay. The amount is the stake multiplied by the odds

Autoplay and Auto-Cashout

  • On the right side of the screen you can select automatic mode. This allows you to play games automatically without having to run the game additionally. You still have to press the "Cashout" button every time you play, but the games are played one after the other
  • The betting panel at the bottom of the screen has an "Auto-Cashout" option. You choose how much you win, and the software will automatically activate the Cashout when the odds reach the set number
  • Trigger the automatic mode and the Cashout together to fully automate the process and just watch the game

Is the payout system at Aviator fair?

The payout system is transparent. Click on "history," it is located at the top of your playing field. You will see information from the server. This contains the three players, their combined hash, and their total. You can check the calculations with any calculator on the net.

Sites to play Aviator

The project is becoming increasingly popular, so it is featured in many large online casinos. Remember that before you run the machine, you need to make sure that you are playing on an honest platform. The most important thing for any online club is an international license, which guarantees that your rights are respected. Check that the game has detailed rules, read player reviews online.

Unofficial clubs often offer their guests to play fake machines, be careful because at such sites everything depends not on the generator, but on the results set by the owners.

In-game chat Aviator

You can communicate with other players in a convenient chat on the right side of the screen. If you play from a mobile device, just click the chat icon to start chatting. This is where gamers actively chat, and the system automatically posts the largest skins.

The highest possible payout is x200. Of course, such a coefficient is very rare. According to a rough estimate, not more often than once every 60-80 minutes. A big multiplier is x100 and more which occurs approximately once in every 250 games.

We do not advise using the big winnings targeting strategy, more often than not it will be a losing one. Players usually get the biggest payouts when they play often with small multipliers of x2 to x4. On long runs, this will reduce possible losses.

How to send an amount to your account?

It only takes a few clicks of the mouse to deposit your account. You need to click the button in the upper right corner. Then choose a convenient method of transfer, amount and confirm the action.


How long does Aviator Spride last?
The length of one game varies from 8 to 30 seconds. The final odds play a decisive role. The earlier the "flight" ends, the faster the game ends. The round goes as long as the plane will fly.
What's the biggest bet?
The largest allowed size is 7000 rubles. But this is not the maximum possible size, because the aviator gives the opportunity to make two bets in one game. So the maximum size of the money put on one game increases to 14000 rubles.
The smallest coefficient?
The lowest possible win value is x1. It can fall out, but it happens very rarely, about 2% of games. All values below x1.2 are considered to be loss-making, they can be found in about 10% of games. Use this information to choose your desired result and strategy.
Highest odds?
The highest possible payout is x200. Of course, such a coefficient is very rare. According to approximate calculations, not more often than once in 60-80 minutes. A large multiplier is considered to be x100 and more, which falls about once per 250 games.We do not advise resorting to the strategy of focusing on large skins, most often it will be losing. Players usually get the biggest payouts when they play often with small multipliers of x2 to x4. On long distances, this will reduce the possible losses.
How do I send the amount to the account?
It takes only a few clicks of the mouse to refill the account. It is necessary to click the button in the upper right corner. Then you need to choose a convenient way of transfer, amount and confirm the action.