Download the game Aviator on your smartphone or computer

One of the reasons the machine is so popular is its availability on all devices, computers, tablets and smartphones, regardless of operating system or device parameters.

To choose which platform you play, decide if you're interested in playing for fun or not, or if you want to play for real money.

Download Aviator for Free

To download the demo, just enter the game name into the app store for your Smartphone. Then install the game on your device and enjoy quality graphics and fast loading times. In stores you will find a variety of game formats: in Russian or English, with additional sound accompaniment. Even your old smartphone will play the game- there's a light version that takes up less space.

Games for different devices don't differ from each other- you can download Aviator for your smartphone and PC and you won't notice the difference.

To download the game to your PC you can use any search engine. The first page you see will have the right programs for you to install. It's a little harder for Mac owners to find the right app, but it will take you very little time to find the right program for you.

Download Aviator with Money Betting

Win betting games are in online casinos that require no additional software installed on your device and let you play through your browser. All you need is a good network connection, a mobile network will do. Just log in with your details and deposit money.

If you don't want to wager money right away, the demo version is the way to go.

Why use the demo version?

Official casinos offer free versions of their games. They are often available even to unregistered guests, don't neglect this format:

  • Have fun with your favorite machine without risking your own money
  • Find out the rules in a safe format
  • Choose a strategy
  • Assess the payoffs
  • Chat with other players

Unfortunately, the official Aviator casino does not have a free demo version, but you can log in to watch others' bets online and enter the game with knowledge. Usually, all you need to do is to have a club registration. Luckily the format is very simple and requires very little training.

Paid and Free

While there is no demo version in the casino, you can easily hone your skills in the apps on your smartphone or in PC games. Install the app, hone your skills, and then start playing online club games with bets. Increase your reaction speed, learn how to observe two bets at once and become a pro.

Where to play Aviator - on your smartphone or PC?

There is no fundamental difference, it all depends on your taste: some like to have access to the game on the road or at work, some like to play on a big screen in comfort. For PCs there's no need to download a separate program, but for phones you will usually need to install an add-on.

Try both and decide on the one that suits you best. Good luck!